Condolence & Memory Journal

My heartfelt sympathy go out to the Newman family. Those who die, God keeps them in his memory, because they are precious in his eyes Psalms 116:15. May your fond memories of Connie bring you comfort in a time of grief.

Posted by Amanda O    February 16, 2018

Dear Steve, I am so sorry to hear of Connie's passing. I had not seen her in church for some time and I did not know if it was because of our attending Mass at different times. I hope Connie was not sick the entire time. Steve, you know I lost Elaine at a young age and now with Connie saying goodbye, we've lost two of the most wonderful and beautiful women God created. May God bless you and help you as we continue through life's path. Jack Hoeting

Posted by - friend   February 11, 2018

Dear Newman family, I am so sorry to hear of Connie's passing. She was one of the sweetest and most positive people I ever knew. She will be greatly missed. You are in my thoughts and prayers. - Marc and Barbara Alexander

Posted by Barbara Alexander - Cincinnati, OH - Family Friend   February 11, 2018

I was so sorry to here about Connie's passing. She was always a delight to be with. please know that my thoughts and prayers are with your entire family.
Your memories must be filled with joy because Connie lived life to the fullest.

Posted by bonnie jackson - cincinnati, OH - friend   February 09, 2018

Dear Joe, Pauletta, and family. I was saddened to hear of Connie's passing. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time. Sincerely SJC.

Posted by Steve Chabot - Cincinnati, OH - Friend   February 09, 2018

To the Newman Family, I am so sorry to learn of Connie's death. I worked with her years ago in fashion retail and know she was a lovely person in every way. My thoughts are with you during this sad time.

Posted by Rowe Sunny - Cinti, OH - friend   February 09, 2018

I'm so sorry to hear about Connie's passing. She was always so kind to me. I always admired her beauty. I'm very sorry for your loss. The Keilholz Family will keep you in our prayers.

Posted by Mary Keilholz - Cleves, OH - Friend   February 08, 2018

Dear Newman Family, My deepest condolences to all of you over this heartbreaking loss. Like others, I am shocked to hear of dear Connie's passing. I was fortunate enough to work with her at CAM, doing ads and other projects for the Museum Shop that she ran so beautifully. Her warmth and grace could have easily kept CAM brightly lit even without electricity. Everyone gravitated to her offices, to discuss work and art, but also I think just to be in her marvelous presence...for one of her smiles, or her thoughtful advice, or her radiant, caring approach to simply everything. She embodied joy and positivity. She was like the heartbeat of CAM. She cared so much about the museum and the people in it, cared about the art and the Cincinnati community, and was a strong and savvy businessperson on behalf of the museum as well. She talked about her children with such glowing happiness; I am smiling remembering the fun she had talking about fashion ideas (ballet flats! J Crew dress!) for Elizabeth; her pride in her kids was delightful. We talked about everything from work to travel. Her heart was enormous. What a gift she was to the world. I know she is with you still, even as she is busily making Heaven look more beautiful, and finding the perfect gold bracelet for an angel. Thank you for sharing your Connie with all of us; we are richer for it. My heart is with you. Love, Andrea

Posted by Andrea Chesney O'Neill - Cincinnati, OH - Coworker   February 08, 2018

I am so sorry to hear about Connie passing. We worked together at Shillitos in the 80s. We worked in the same division. She bought
Robes and I bought sleepwear. We got married two weeks apart and attended each other's weddings. We had a lot of fun together, we both found out we were expecting our first baby within a week of each other. Unfortunately I lost my baby girl when I was 32 weeks pregnant. Connie went on to have Elizabeth. Connie was so sweet to me during that time, I know it was hard on her as well. It surely made the last few weeks of her pregnancy very hard. I finally met Elizabeth after My second healthy daughter was born. Connie was a beautiful, classy lady. Your family are in my prayers. May she Rest In Peace. She is a beautiful angel. fhYVD

Posted by Dianne Wagner - Florence, KY - Friend   February 07, 2018

I am so saddened to hear about Connie. I am so fortunate to have been her intern for two summers working at the CAM shop. I will forever be in awe of her knowledge and ease in her professional role as well as the generosity and genuine good spirit she shared with all of her coworkers. She was the first boss I've ever had, and I was so nervous to start that job. I needn't have been because Connie was a constant source of reassurance and gentle guidance. I loved listening to her talk about her family, her trips for the shop, and her opinions on all things "artful." In turn, she was so serious about encouraging my ambitions to travel and to go to pursue a graduate degree, both things that I have since done.

She was a wonderful mentor to me, and I will be forever grateful to her.

With heartfelt sympathy,
Hannah Hilditch

Posted by Hannah Hilditch - Cleveland, OH - Coworker   February 07, 2018

We were shocked when we heard the news and terribly saddened. Connie was a classy person who always made sure that other people were comfortable. She was one of the most professional and considerate of business people I have known in my 42-year career. She was proud of her family and updated me on them every time I was there as a vendor for the Holiday Expressions show. My wife also had a world of respect and affection for her. The world is truly poorer without her, but Heaven has welcomed such a special human being. We will miss her. Our hearts ache for the family.

Posted by Brett Harper - Lebanon, OH - Friend   February 07, 2018

Dear Newman family,
I am shocked and saddened to learn of Connie's passing. My memories of Connie will always be of a big beautiful smile and a kind word. My prayers are with you all, may you be filled with the grace of God and the peace of knowing she is free from pain in eternal paradise . Know I surround you all in thought and prayer, so very sorry for this great loss.

Most sincerely ,

Posted by Lucy Marcheschi - cincinnati, OH - Friend   February 07, 2018

To say that Connie's passing has been shocking and heartbreaking is an understatement. I had the privilege of meeting Connie when she joined our Museum family and I was immediately relieved, as she was my new manager. Her warm, lovely, elegant, brilliant demeanor put us all at ease. It was an honor working for, and with, Connie. She was a dear friend and mentor and I am a better person for having known her. We shared many laughs, heart to hearts and many museum adventures- including an unforgettable trip to New York. I am forever grateful for her guidance and advice, both professional and personal, and I can never thank her enough. To her family, I pray that you find healing and peace, knowing that she will live on through all of the warm memories she gave us to look back on.

Posted by Betsy Jones - Edgewood, KY - Coworker   February 07, 2018

Dear Newman Family,

I was honored to be a gift shop volunteer for 7 years+ with your gracious and beautiful Connie. She always thanked everyone every day for their time and shared stories of each other's children. She was so proud of both of her children and so looked forward to Elizabeths wedding. I am heartbroken for you all that she won't be a part of this special event and your lives going forward. I hope you can eventually find peace in your memories and happiness in your lives going forward.

Please accept my deepest sympathies

Posted by Diane Nemeroff - Park Hills, KY - Coworker   February 07, 2018

I am so sadened by the loss of Connie. I am a volunteer at the gift shop just a few days a year but Connie has always so personable ! She would Always make the extra effort to chat ; talking about her family and interested in my children and life in general and the shop...the shop is a success because of her extraordinary talent in buying and knowing what museum visitors want!!! She had a special eye for just the right merchandise ! Her soft spoken voice and class amaze me. Even in her tiny office her desk was so interesting to take a glance and inspect... her little lamp, art work proper up, a unique dish filled with goodies ... it was a taste of just what the shop was filled with. Connie will be missed and I am so grateful for the short time we had together !
May ur family be strong through this most difficult time ...thinking of all of you!!!

Posted by Eve Wittenbaum - Cincinnati, OH - Coworker   February 07, 2018

So sorry for the passing of Connie, the Family will be in our prayers.

Posted by Kevin Tuchfarber - Cincinnati, OH   February 07, 2018

I am deeply saddened to hear about Connie. Fond memories are what I have to remember her from our years together at the Art Museum. She was thoughtful, strong, creative and she loved her children and husband so much.
My heart goes out to her family at this difficult time.

Posted by becky vidourek - Cincinnati, OH - Friend   February 07, 2018

Such a loss for her family and the CAM family. Connie was so proud of her children and her other child- the CAM shop. Prayers of healing to all.

Posted by Vicki Wolfe - Cincinnati, OH - Coworker   February 07, 2018

Dearest Elizabeth, Steve and Stevie,
My heart is broken. There was no one more gracious and wonderful than Connie. She was beautiful inside and out. She loved her family beyond measure and I know she will be missed by all. She was a treasure born in this world, and I know she will be honored in Heaven.

Posted by Bonnie Dudley - naples, FL - Friend   February 07, 2018


My deepest condolences to Connie's family. I was lucky enough to be part of her little family at the CAM gift shop. It will always be my favorite job and she will always be my favorite boss. She was so much more than a boss. I loved our chats about life and she always gave me the best and honest advice. She was one of the first people to learn that I was having a baby and knew exactly what I needed. She took care of us in the very beginning. I will always remember her grace, style, kindness, and her unique ability to surround herself with the most amazing people. I will miss her so much. Many prayers being sent from our family.

Posted by Jessica Roy - Cincinnati, OH - Friend   February 07, 2018

I had the pleasure of being an intern in the Cincinnati Art Museum gift shop my junior year of college. Five years later and I am still apart of the CAM family- I think that speaks volumes to the type of person Connie was to her employees. She was my mentor and friend. I cant put it into words how much she meant to me. She was truly a gem and now an angel.

Posted by Tess Stowers - Edgewood, KY - friend   February 06, 2018

As a volunteer docent at the Cincinnati Art Museum, I had the pleasure of knowing Connie for several years. I will always remember her beautiful smile, elegance, and warmth and her willingness to accommodate the needs of the volunteer corps. I am grateful for having known Connie and will miss her remarkable artistic style.

With sincere sympathy,
Mary LeRoy

Posted by Mary LeRoy - Cincinnati, OH - Friend   February 06, 2018

My heart is broken over the death of my mentor and friend. We shared an office for eight plus years at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Connie always encouraged me in my creativity, choosing to lead by example, she taught me to be gracious in all aspects of life. I will keep your family in my prayers as you look forward. You can find peace in her faith, and the knowledge that she loved you greatly. Please know that she will be fondly remembered by myself.

Posted by Stefanie Feltner - Coworker   February 06, 2018

She was a delightful sincere person who I knew thru the Art Museum. We worked together for years and I will never forget her. God bless her spirit

Posted by Beverly Erschell - Ft. Thomas, KY - Friend   February 06, 2018

I was so charmed by Connie and am sorry that she has passed away. Our encounters at the Art Museum were brief, but always a pleasure! She was passionate about the arts and spoke with equal enthusiasm about her family. Part of her legacy was how she found beauty in the world and shared it with those around her. With prayers and sympathy

Posted by Margaret Mock - Cincinnati, OH - Coworker   February 06, 2018

Connie was most gracious and dedicated leader at the Gift Shop in the Cincinnati Art Museum for many years. She was always cheerful and optimistic.
She will be greatly missed.

Posted by Mary Ran - Cinti., OH - Coworker   February 06, 2018

My most heart felt sadness for the loss of Connie. I had the privilege to work with her at the Cincinnati Art Museum Shop. She was intelligent, hard-working, and delightful. Always a pleasure to be with and always to be remembered as a Class Act. The CAM Shop will never be the same. My Prayers To Her Family.

Posted by Olga Duarte, MD - Cincinnati, OH - Family Friend   February 06, 2018


Wishes of comfort for all Connie's family. Now I can say I would know her as a friend. I was part of the weekend staff for the Cincinnati Art Museum shop where Connie was my manager. The most intuitive buyer I ever, ever met. Absolutely in awe of her automatic wisdom of buying. It isn't any wonder how difficult it was to tear myself away from CAM to move to NH. The huge difficulty was leaving the CAM shop that I always wanted anything I could do, do strive toward perfection for Connie and the shop.
CAM cannot replace Connie. Maybe fill a position but not the huge contribution Connie gave; her creative plus business knowledge, her patience with anyone and everyone, professionalism in a personal manner that can't be surpassed.
God picked a most lovely flower for Heaven, Connie. For anyone who knew Connie way too early. Wishes of comfort, wishes of comfort, wishes of comfort.

Posted by Sue Nastasi - Dover, NH - Friend   February 06, 2018

We will all miss Connie's kind heart, positive spirit and elegant way about her at the museum. Her smile made you want to smile too. Connie was a special person; she had the rare talent of making people and places around her better simply by her presence. I'm grateful to have known her and thankful to her family for the gift of sharing Connie's time, energies and goodness in our lives.
Cameron Kitchin
Director, Cincinnati Art Museum

Posted by Cameron Kitchin - Cincinnati, OH - Coworker   February 05, 2018

I worked in the Cincinnati Art Museum . I would also visit with Connie . She was lovely, soft, professional and a wonderful woman . On occasion I would pull up a chair and we would chat about the dramatics and gossip in the Museum. She was a fine listener and fair minded. Believe me. She was the keeper of many secrets. A beautiful lady. She will be missed.

Jennifer Dudley Arbaugh
Venice Florida
Charlevoix, MI

Posted by Jennifer Dudley Arbaugh - Charlevoix, MI - Friend   February 05, 2018

I worked in the Cincinnati Art Museum . I would also visit with Connie . She was lovely, soft, professional and a wonderful woman . On occasion I would pull up a chair and we would chat about the dramatics and gossip in the Museum. She was a fine listener and fair minded. Believe me. She was the keeper of many secrets. A beautiful lady. She will be missed.

Jennifer Dudley Arbaugh
Venice Florida
Charlevoix, MI

Posted by Jennifer Dudley Arbaugh - Charlevoix, MI - Friend   February 05, 2018

Deepest sympathy to Connie's family. I was honored to have known her through the Cincinnati Art Museum Shop which she did an amazing job in running. When my first book came out in 2010, it was Connie who was so supportive and happy to carry the book in the shop and later all three books! Always enjoyed chatting with her . Her lovely disposition and personality will be remembered any time I enter the Museum from now on it will seem empty without her there. May God Bless her and may she rest in peace.

Posted by Cheri Brinkman - Cincinnati, OH - Acquaintance   February 05, 2018

To Connie's husband, daughter and all of those who love her: Connie was a lovely, creative woman. I am saddened and shocked to learn of her passing. You have my deepest condolences and will remain in my prayers.

Arms around you,
Marcia, CAM Shop Volunteer

Posted by Marcia Philipps - Cincinnati, OH - Coworker   February 05, 2018